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The purpose of the non-profit Quality Juice Foundation is to promote the quality and safety of fruit juice and fair competition for fruit juice directly in its own right, to work together with public and private bodies to promote public healthcare, fair competition and consumer protection; and to organise procurement activities for funding the named purposes.

  • For this reason, in 2011 QJF received a project outline explaining the project “Fireblight – sustainable alternatives to streptomycin”.
  • Fireblight is well known as a major problem in many European countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland) which is kept in check by using streptomycin, a procedure that is causing great concern in the population at large. In recent years, every effort has been made by the Wädenswil research institute in Switzerland to find solutions that would make the antibiotic superfluous, already generating an initial degree of internationally acknowledged success.
  • Reports on the project’s successful achievements are available on request from the Quality Juice Foundation. The Quality Juice Foundation donated EUR 30,000 in funding for the project in 2012.

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