Scheling Wibowo

Colour and carotenoid changes of pasteurized orange juice during storage


The foundation pursues its statutory objectives in particular by organising, holding and funding conferences and suitable training events for quality managers in the fruit juice industry, consumers and the trade press, by funding public and private projects and measures in accordance with the foundation's purpose, by supporting research projects for improving quality assurance instruments together with the development and testing of suitable technologies, and by endowing and presenting a prize to those who have provided particular services to nonfermenting fruit processing.

This prize – the QJF Quality Juice Award – was presented for the first time in October 2014 during the SGF General Assembly in Antwerp. The prize aims to honour outstanding achievements in the field of  legal, analytical and technological research and practical further development of the positive, healthy image of fruit juice, and to promote such activities by providing financial support.

The first Quality Juice Award was won by Ms Scheling Wibowo from Indonesia. Carlos Abboud, President of the QJF, presented her with the prize of €2,500 for her research paper entitled "Colour and carotenoid changes of pasteurized orange juice during storage". The paper was supervised by Prof. Dr. Hendrickx at the University of Leuven in Belgium, with extracts published in the "Food Chemistry" journal.

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